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Lover's Embrace

Lion Counseling
Men's Wellness

Our philosophy

Most men were taught not to show emotions or ask for help.   


It's time to shatter the myths that keep men from accessing their true strength and resolve.    

Lion Counseling puts Men's Health and Wellness where it belongs: Priority #1.   

With our digital therapy you will strengthen your confidence from the comfort of your home.  

Individual Counseling

Our Offerings


Great relationships don't just happen - they are carefully crafted.  What's molding your notion of a healthy relationship? Romantic comedies, Disney, or your friends and family members?  People are often told that communication is the most important key to success in relationships.  Research shows that communication is not the key to intimacy, rather the tone, content, and delivery of that communication creates intimacy.


 Learn the science of relationships

Couples Counseling


For men, by men.  

Unlock the power of your mind:

  • Learn to ignore intrusive thoughts

  • Work through crippling anxiety.   

  • Stop avoiding or self-sabotaging romantic relationships

  • Let go of problematic behavior and fear of intimacy 

We use evidence-based treatment models to teach you the science of wellness.

Mountain Climber

Are you ready to take the next step?

"You are more than what you have become...
Remember who you are." 


The Lion King

African Lions

Texas. Florida. Israel

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